aPost4Me – Keep track of reminders

Are you also overwhelmed by permanent calender reminders and pushy to do lists? Are you looking for a simple solution to keep track of the many things of your daily life?

Then iPost2Me is just right for you. It offers a quick and comfortable way to keep an eye on things that are important to you. Simple and straightforward: on the LockScreen of your mobile or with a Live-Tile on the Startscreen.

iPost2Me is your personal message assistent for Windows Phone 8 or higher. In a friendly way it reminds you about things that are important to you or that you would like to keep an eye on.


With iPost2Me you write anything you want to remember as a message to yourself. iPost2Me will display your messages regularly on your phones lockscreen and on a tile on the start screen. The messages will appear during the specified time period but not at a predetermined time.

Use iPost2Me to remember to call a good friend, challenge yourself to go to the theatre again or to exercise more, or just encourage yourself with some motivating words.

  • Write anything you would like to be reminded about as a message to yourself: quick and easy.
  • Keep up with  your messages: on the lockscreen and on the start screen.
  • Choose a time period in which the message will regularly appear.
  • Enable an additional notification with sound signal.