Our vision:

We, the team at Egghead Republic, are using and loving mobile devices. We are convinced that mobile communication can improve the lives of people in many ways. As a small team of programmers we have the vision to support people with our apps to reach their targets, focus on things that matter to them or just enrich a moment of their day.

Our design philosophy:

Our apps are fast and easy to use. They are not getting in the way of the people who are using them. We set value on a clear and elegant design of our apps to make their daily use joyful. In our apps we are using a language that is easy to understand and friendly addressing all people and not just technical experts.

The founders:

2013-07-25 14.14.08Matthias

Computer geek since the stone age, made his first steps on a computer with Sinclair and MS-Dos. After he took a long detour through various management positions in industrial companies has finally decided to be his own boss. Enthusiastic runner, loves to be on bicycle tours and on long hiking trips.

E-Mail: matthias@egghead-republic.com


Also a computer geek – but only from a very young age – and thus currently a student of computer science. Still waiting for the big career. He plays the trumpet in his free time and is always up for good music. Huge fan of fantasy (especially The Lord of the Rings). About to run his first marathon.

E-Mail: bastian@egghead-republic.com